The series of “ 2 be … a chair ”is a replica of an object without any functions, then to revive its development with an unknown form. Hope “the conservation of energy” extends to the cycle of product, maybe by changing the material or the form of its existence can bring the new design ideas.

The chair you know usually built on a firm point, line and plane, no matter the sense of visual, the sense of touch or feeling while sitting, is made of the solid material and structure, “ 2 be …a chair ”shows the false visual phenomenon with the hidden line, even it was made of the steel. Besides, we also tried different material when producing, such as acrylic, which can be and cannot be penetrated at the same time. Hidden line could be a concept, imagination or just uncertain lines. Between lines may extend a straight line or shorten to a dot. There is an unlimited imagination between each segment of lines. Wallpaper/ 12/2012 /  


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