Return is a bone ash urn made of degradable cornstarch plastic and honeycomb paper. The outside wall of the urn is surrounded by honeycomb structure made of recycled paper embedded with seeds.
People have all kinds of rituals to commemorate the deceased. A burial is the most common way but it often requires many resources such as a luxurious coffin or a great patch of land. This way of saying farewell is not environmentally sustainable. Return is a bone ash container made of honeycomb paper with seeds embedded in. When it’s buried underground, it gradually degrades and the seeds grow as they are nurtured by the ash and soil. As the ash mingles with nature, it nurtures the plants to show our gratitude to the nature that once provides us. It also leaves the following generation a greener and better place to live. Our respect to the mother earth is not only shown in the way we live, but also the way we choose to die.


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